Thursday, March 17, 2011

There's just 4 simple steps to make money with this...

Step 1: Watch the tutorial videos - I've created a series of tutorial videos that will take you through the whole system, show you how to get it 100% set up and how to maintain it for maximum profits.

Step 2: Copy the campaigns I give you - Inside the member's area there are 30 cash cranking campaigns that you can instantly copy. Literally everything is there for you to just copy & paste.

Step 3: Paste them into the traffic source - Take your pick from several titles, images and ad copy and literally paste them into the traffic source. It's 100% copy & paste.

Step 4: Hit "Run Campaign" and watch your profits soar - My favorite part of them all. Make sure everything looks good and then click the "Run Campaign" button. You'll pull in SO much traffic to your affiliate link that you can make money on the very first day.

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